About Our Nushagak River Fly Fishing Camp

was_167For reservations call 406.665.3489 (Oct-May) or 907.842.5480 (Jun-Sep).

An Authentic Alaskan Experience in an Angler’s Paradise! Discover our Remote Nushagak River Fly Camp in the Breathtaking Alaskan Wilderness

Dave & Kim Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sport Fishing is an experience you’ll never forget. Simply spending time in this pristine wilderness—our rugged, comfortable tent camp lies on the banks of the Nushagak River in western Alaska’s Bristol Bay region—is attraction enough. Throw in some world-class catch-and-release rainbow trout fly fishing, and—well, it almost isn’t fair! At our Nushagak River Fly Fishing Camp, you can enjoy a retreat from the modern world that you will never forget.

If you have ever dreamed about spending some time fishing in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, Western Alaska Sport Fishing can help you make that dream a reality.

Where Can You Find Our Nushagak River Fly Camp?

Wood-Tikchik State Park is Alaska’s largest park and is one of the most breathtaking places in the entire world. As you peacefully float down the Nushagak river, taking in the amazing views and the cool, brisk air, you’ll not only have all the time in the world to reflect on life, you’ll be doing what you love the most: sport fishing!

When you stay at our Nushagak river fly campsite, you can spend your mornings fishing and your afternoons adventuring throughout the mountainous terrain of Western Alaska. Even if you have exhausted your capacity for Nushagak river fly fishing — which is impossible, by the way — you will be able to spend your time enjoying other amazing activities like hiking throughout Alaska’s gorgeous mountains and snowmobiling across the entire state park.

Before you settle in at our Nushagak river fly camp, however, it’s important to realize that the only way you can access many of these areas is by float plane, so make sure you bring everything you need. Guests fly into Dillingham, AK and spend the night. The next morning, it’s a one-hour float plane flight to the camp and your first cast! Float trips and other side trips are also available, and it’s common to see bears, moose, eagles, and sometimes even wolves, wolverines and caribou. This remote ecosystem lives and breathes today the same way it did 500 years ago–and YOU can experience it for yourself!Have all your reservation and travel documentation, as well as any important medications, extra clothes, rain gear, and anything else you might need out on the Alaskan waters as you fly fish with us.

The Nushagak river is filled with salmon, char, and rainbow trout — and it’s ready for you to fish to your heart’s content. Rainbow trout is the main attraction, but there are other species to test your angling abilities. Our Nushagak River fly fishing guides will help you (or leave you alone!) as you fish for dolly varden (char), grayling, and five kinds of salmon (in-season): king salmon, coho salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon and red gold salmon.

Bring your gear, your camera and your sense of wonder along when you visit our Nushagak River fly camp. Dave & Kim Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sport Fishing is fly-out fishing at its finest. Come and join us for The Real Alaska Experience! It’s time to make a reservation today: give us a call and ask for Dave and Kim Egdorf!

For reservations call 406.665.3489 (Oct-May) or 907.842.5480 (Jun-Sep).