Fishing Action Calendar


June 7 – 14

Good fishing action continues for rainbow, grayling and char. A few chum salmon are present. The smolt ‘run out’ is starting, triggering fast action below riffles. Lots of fishing time with nearly endless daylight.

June 14 – 21
Top water patterns and sculpin streamers continue to produce good action on rainbows, etc. A few chum salmon begin spawning and a few early king salmon are also showing up. Anglers wear their arms out with 21 hours of daylight and a river busy with fish.

June 21 – 28was_172
King and chum salmon numbers continue to build, bringing more rainbow trout, char and grayling to the area in anticipation of the egg smorgasbord to come. Smolt run out is producing good action also. Nonstop action!

June 28 – July 6
Smolt run out going strong. Rainbows are very active on top water and smolt patterns, as well as sculpin streamers. Chum salmon are spawning hard, producing good action on egg patterns. Kings are beginning to spawn, and a few sockeye salmon are arriving. Lots of action and a very fishy week!

July 6 – 13
Chum salmon spawning is slowing, kings are spawning hard and sockeye are staging to spawn. Trout, char and grayling action is hot! One awesome week.

July 13 – 20
King and sockeye salmon are spawning throughout the area. Chums are dying and producing early carcass action. Fishing is very very good for rainbow, char and grayling.

July 20 – 27
This is about our “peak week” for numbers of salmon present at one time in our rivers. Bear sightings are common. Fishing action continues to be great, especially around spawning beds. A major fishing week!

July 27 – Aug 3
Continued great action for rainbows, char and grayling. Silver salmon are arriving and when a school is spotted produce good action. A hint of fall colors starting. blueberries are ripe. A great week.

Aug 3 – 10
Silver salmon action is good… some bright silver and some crimson. Rainbow trout, char and grayling action is good on sockeye beds and also on carcass patterns in deep holes and snags. The mouse ‘on top’ is still producing. Fall is definitely in the air as fall colors progress, along with cooler nights. A good, mixed-bag week!

Aug 10 – 17
Silver salmon, rainbow trout, char and grayling action remains good to excellent. Rainbows are developing big shoulders with rapid growth from endless available food… the big ‘bows are hard to handle! Our days are getting noticeably shorter. Caribou are on the move.

August 17 – 24
Large rainbows continue to be the main target. Silvers continue to move to spawning grounds, providing good action. Char are migrating to the headwaters to spawn, but still some beauties are caught… they are very colorful at this time. Fall colors are coming on fast. Bears are out on the hillsides feeding on berries. Alaska is breathtaking.

Aug 24 – 31
Rainbow action is now focused on salmon carcasses and top water mouse fishing, but some trout still are on old spawning beds. Our rainbows have now reached their peak condition of the year, and are super-strong. Big numbers of fish is not the rule, but big rainbows definitely are! Fall is here and temps are cool with even a light frost in the morning. A super fishing time of the year.

Aug 31 – Sept 7
Rainbow action continues the same as the previous week. The campfire feels especially good. The moose are on the move as the fall rutt nears. It’s our last week of the season and a special time for a special Alaska experience.