Fly Fishing at Nushagak River

The Alaskan wilderness is home to an abundance of native American wildlife: Grizzly bears, caribou, eagles, and wolves are just some of the animals that call this rugged state home. And beyond the vast tundra and sprawling forests, Alaska’s wild rivers flow. And this is where you will find a rich biodiversity of fish. From all over the world, anglers come to try their hand at fly fishing at Nushagak River, an experience unlike any other.

Here at Western Alaska Sportfishing, we want to help you discover this rich landscape first hand. Our unique program involves fly fishing at Nushagak River and living at a remote camp with other passionate anglers. The Nushagak, which flows through the Bristol Bay region, is home to a host of rainbow trout and other fish. You can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of our Alaska fishing camps while enjoying our catch-and-release trout fishing trips.

Guest anglers will be angle to catch rainbow trout among other species, including:

  • Dolly varden (char)
  • Grayling
  • King salmon
  • Silver salmon
  • Sockeye
  • Coho

Surrounded by 300-year-old Bering Spruce trees and the beauty of the Nushagak, our camp is an angler’s paradise. You will arrive at this remote area by floatplane, as this area is void of roads. Once you arrive at the camp, you will enjoy a meal and get ready for fishing. Then you will have several days of fly fishing at Nushagak River to look forward to.

This remote area has remained unchanged for thousands of years, and we invite you to experience it with us. This fishing experience is unlike any tourist program that you will experience because it’s not designed for the casual tourist. It’s designed for good fishing. We understand the draw of this wild region and want dedicated anglers to reap the benefits. There is nothing quite like living and fishing at your own pace, surrounded by fresh air.

For more information about Western Alaska Sportfishing or to make a reservation at our fishing camps, we encourage you to contact us today. We are looking forward to your company as we enjoy the Alaskan wilderness together.