The World’s Best Dolly Varden Fly Fishing

If you’re sick and tired of going to the same fishing spots over and over again, it sounds like you need a change. At Dave & Kim Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sport Fishing, this is the Real Alaska Experience! Fly out to this wild corner of Alaska and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime memories fishing experience. Our remote fishing camp is only accessible by float plane, and here you can fish to your heart’s content surrounded by the gorgeous Alaskan landscape. The Nushagak River is full of Dolly Varden (char), rainbow trout, arctic, grayling, and more, and our dolly varden fly fishing trip is perfect for those who crave the chance to get up close and personal with all that the wilderness has to offer.

About Our Nushagak River Fly Fishing Camp
Our remote fishing trips will completely immerse you in the sights and sounds of the Alaskan wilderness. You’ll be exposed to the raw elements of nature, where you’ll then have more privacy and seclusion than you ever thought possible. Not only is the camp only accessible via float plane, but the nearest village is more than 60 miles away. You won’t even find any roads for at least 100 miles!

With this type of seclusion, the fish are always biting. You’ll be able to spend all day angling for trout, dolly varden, king salmon, and much more. Many anglers also enjoy spending their days admiring other nearby wildlife. Grizzly bears, moose, eagles, wolves, and caribou are just a few examples of creatures that have made the Alaskan wilderness their home.

Fishing in the remote Alaskan wilderness is a chance you simply don’t get to take every day. The waters of the Nushagak are pristine and crystal clear, making them ideal for helping salmon, arctic grayling, and Dolly Varden thrive. For anglers looking for the best dolly varden fishing spots in the world, you can’t do any better. From the first day you depart for the camp to the moment you depart, you’ll be exposed to the incredible sights and sounds of Alaska that fuel your passion for sport fishing.

But most of all, you’ll have the priceless chance to soak up the knowledge and life experience of a professional guide who’s just as passionate as you are about reeling in that next big catch. Call us today to hear more about how we can make all your Dolly Varden fly fishing dreams become reality! We invite you to come join us on a Real Alaska Experience. For more information about our calendar, Alaska fishing camps and trips, or to make a reservation, please contact our team today!