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Nushagak Wilderness Camps

This is the real Alaska! At the outset of establishing a destination for the visiting rainbow trout/wilderness enthusiast. The upper Nushagak River became the immediate first choice for owner Dave Egdorf. Since that time (1982) the Nushagak has been the ‘home river’ of operations for Western Alaska Sport Fishing, Inc. The upper river and its tributaries remain very productive and still provide anglers with a wonderful wilderness fly fishing experience in an uncrowded setting.
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Access to the area is by float plane. Words such as remote, wild, pristine, etc. all reflect the reality of a fishing experience in absolute solitude at one of North America’s best fly fishing destinations. There are no roads within 100 miles, and the nearest habitation is an Eskimo village some 60 air miles distant.
The visiting angler will have excellent opportunities to catch rainbow trout, arctic grayling, and dolly varden (char) which are available all season; and chum, sockeye, coho and king salmon, which are available during specific periods throughout the season.
This subarctic region is comprised of timbered valleys and tundra covered hills of less than 2,000 feet in elevation. Bering Sea Spruce trees of up to 300 years in age are the predominant conifer along the river and together with cottonwood, birch and willow trees. make up the primary forest of the area. The setting has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Wildlife abounds here, with numerous weekly sightings of moose, grizzly bear, eagles and sometimes wolves, wolverine and caribou.
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The Nushagak is a gravel bottomed clear-running, modest-sized river; an ideal habitat for spawning salmon, with mega numbers of rainbow trout, arctic grayling and char. It is truly a world-class fishing getaway… where you can escape ‘real world’ pressures and be selfish with your angling passion and fish your heart out… or just relax… at your pace… day after day… in total comfort.