Side Trips

Side Trips

Flyout Side Trips

These trips are available for a variety of activities such as bear viewing, flight seeing, fishing for ‘fresh’ salmon, shee fish, arctic char, lake trout, pike, etc. You may also wish to visit the largest state park in the USA, Tikchik State Park. We also offer out-camps, which are overnight outings for added opportunities to fish the area ‘hot spots.’ If you are interested in participating in any of these great side trips, ask Dave for details. Added charges apply to the side trips due to aircraft costs.

Appropriate size rods/reels of 7 and 8 weight with adequate capacity for backing and fly line and a good drag system will handle all of our fish. Two rods are customarily set up for a day on the water.



We can assist you in planning/acquiring your fishing gear: rods, reels, flies, etc. Fishing equipment should include 3 or 4 weight fly rods with weight forward floating line for grayling, and 7 to 9 weight rods/lines for windy days for trout and salmon (sockeye, coho, and chum). If you opt for a day on arctic char, lake trout or pike, we recommend at least 8 weight rods/line with floating and medium/fast sinking lines, as occasionally these species are found in deeper water.

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