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September 29, 2014

Kim and I have just arrived back in Montana after a busy  season operating our commercial fishing camp in Alaska.   Our time on the Nushagak River seems to just ‘fly by’ each year, but another year will be here before we know it.

The fishing was awesome, as all salmon species returned in very good numbers…….their spawning activity  creates a smorgasbord of food and great fishing action results for all our resident species…..grayling, rainbow trout and char.   Our records also show an increase catch rate for resident fish…….most notably were the huge number(200% of previous years) and size of dolly varden…..some exceding 30 inches.   Rainbow trout and grayling average size and numbers were ‘up’ from previous years also.  So all things considered the Nushagak River  produced well and is in great shape for the future.

Our season began with a quite low water level on the Nushagak  River……….due primarily to a winter with no snow (locally called a “brown winter”)  and an extremely early spring.…….there was no spring snow runoff.     Our concern of low water levels were only temporary, however as  consistent rainfall brought the water levels up in lakes and rivers of  all of Bristol Bay……….and that stimulated an early and epic salmon run.   Bristol Bay salmon stocks are doing very well and water concerns have now vanished.

Our camp ‘upgrade’ projects became reality………the new kitchen is quite nice.   We added a much needed storage facility and doubled the size of our work shop   Guest cabins all got a new front deck.   And we added some new outboards.   We are planning some upgrades in boats for the coming season also.

Flyout side trips were also very productive.   Most notable were king salmon excursions on the lower Nushagak where fish of up to 40 pounds were landed……..a great angling experience for all participants.  And the resultant king salmon dinners were fabulous.

We also made trips to fish for arctic char, which proved very successful……..with good catches and gorgeous mountainous scenery.   A special experience for all.   We are planning to offer this experience for the coming year also.   Just ask about it.

We also are happy to report that  nearly all our camp staff / guides have committed to return  for the 2015  season..  It is always nice to have familiar faces when it is time to open the camp for another year.

If you are considering fishing Alaska…….you will enjoy our wilderness camp and its marvelous fishing.   Give me a call and we will provide you with  the details of scheduling, travel issues and gearing up.

Thank you and we hope to see you in “The Great Land”.

Dave Egdorf,

President/Western Alaska Sport Fishing, Inc.

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Now that we are back in Montana and in a new operations phase…promo for 2014……I find myself looking back at the operating season in Alaska.   Where did those four months go?

 photo 611_zps77497832.jpg

Right from the start….back in early May it was obvious that it was going to be a late spring……..I figure about two weeks late,   but once mid June rolled around spring was over and a warm /hot summer began…….and it stayed hot until early August.  We had temps in the 90’s, which is very abnormal for southwestern Alaska.  The Nushagak River was somewhat low right from the start……which made for excellent fishing, but caused some difficulty for boat operations.   Our anglers were surprised at seeing such heat, but enjoyed the great fishing as result of low water levels and easy approach to the fishing.

 photo 668_zps97c07274.jpg

The big surprise for 2013 was/were the huge salmon runs.   Four species of salmon…….chum, sockeye, king and coho had above normal numbers……..a very inspiring phenomenon even for myself having spent 35 years seeing the annual ‘push’ of salmon migrate into Bristol Bay rivers.   These salmon runs are the life support of all fresh water fish in our rivers.   So it appears our rivers are at present very healthy.

 photo 646_zpse932873e.jpg

2014 appears to be primed for a great season.   The salmon forecast is good and fall water conditions are optimum, setting the grand stage for great fishing for the coming year.

We have several camp projects in the ‘works’ that should be completed in the early part of the season.   We are also planning to add some new angling options to our fishing program.   This will include over night camping on various great fishing rivers that are unreachable from our Main Camp on a day trip.  Also, we are planning a trophy pike flyout to an area lake loaded with huge pike eager to take large flies or top water poppers.   We are also planning a trophy char week during September, which will include an emphasis on large Dolly Varden and a flyout to a number of large lakes with good populations of Arctic Char and also Lake Trout.   In addition we will offer unguided float trips for the “do it yourself” anglers.  So there are some interesting options for 2014 and we look forward to getting our guests into some great Alaska fishing.  If you have plans to ‘do’  Alaska.   By all means give us a call.

 photo 660_zpsb98e7033.jpg

I have to thank all those who were part of our 2013 season…… they guests or guides or the many agents from pro shops to destination travel companies.   I and my wife Kim may own the business, but there are so many others who are a big part of  the successes within Western Alaska Sport Fishing.   Again……..thanks to you all and we hope to see many of you at camp on the Nushagak in 2014.    Thanks again.   Dave Egdorf

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Season Opener Approaching

May 10, 2013 996 Comments by

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New Site!

Mar 21, 2013 Comments Off on New Site!

As you can see we have been hard at work on getting a new website completed. Our friend, Matt Jones of The Fly Photo has been re-designing the site. Thanks for swinging by and please let us know if you have any questions on how we can help you get up to Alaska this summer!

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